Thursday, July 30, 2009

My Resolve

This is a poem I dedicate to my loved one, who I fondly call my baby.

My Resolve

I want to see your elusive eyes,
I long for your very smile,
the sweet smell of your skin,
your hair of black satin.

My life is because of you,
You reside in my heart, that's true.
Without you, I will be gone,
without your love, I am undone.

So even if I defy my destiny,
even if life's against you and me,
I will try my very hardest,
to love you with all my best.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New Directory is Up

To keep track on my posts, I just created a new directory located on the top right side of my blog. The links there redirect to a post where links are posted.


Here is a list of the posts where I incorporated my own drawings.

myEssays and myOpinions

Here is a list of essays and opinions I have created.

My Poems

Here is a list of all the poems I have posted here.


Again, I don't know what is in her mind. She teases me then leaves me alone. She says something sweet and the next second she doesn't say anything at all. She always leaves me hanging.

I call her my baby, yet I feel like I am not treating her that way. I had been careless. A baby's laugh is heaven yet a baby's cry is hell and we've both seen hell so many times. Even this distance between us is a fiery hell.

I can't ask more from her. I have already taken away many parts of her life. She could have been happier without me, that is what I believe. But I am selfish and I don't want her to leave my side.

I've been asking her to cross that hell just to be my side. Hopefully, she won't get too tired and decide not to be my side anymore.

But I am guessing this selfishness cannot go on forever. I have to accept the fact that one day, sooner or later, she would leave me. She has already accepted that fact, though I don't know how far ahead was she thinking.


I feel so lonely. I am living yet I am so dead. I am incomplete, a lifeless doll waiting for the end, without a purpose. That is how I feel right now, alone and miles away from the one I love.
I had known her for more than a year now. Yet, I don't know anything about her. Still, I feel so attached to her. I don't know what she is thinking and I don't really know how she feels, yet I am believing in my instinct that she loves me and misses me too. I've only spoken to her a couple of times, yet my life is dependent on her.

A heartache, that what she is. If she would have been near me right now, she would have been the love that makes my heart skip with joy. But unfortunately, she is far away, a distance that crushes my already broken heart. Distance that makes my heart ache, that what she is.
I know I can't be selfish. I know that I can't have her forever. But I want to cling onto this part of my life as long as possible. I want to hold her near forever, even if I know that it is impossible. I want to kiss her lips until time stops, but destiny just won't let me. Life really is cruel, giving you a taste of the good thing before taking it away.

I know she is hurting too. I just am not sure who is hurting more inside, me who is always carefree, or her that keeps everything inside. I don't want to see her cry but sometimes I can't just help it. I had regretted a lot of things, including seeing her tears. And I don't want to see them again.

I know this is nothing but rants, but I have been holding this inside my heart for so long. I don't want to leave her. That is final.


For months, maybe even years now, I've been living a carefree life. I've lived denying the truths and facts that are right before my eyes. I've been living a life without a goal, a life without meaning. I have always thought that this is where life stops and I have known everything I needed to know.

But to think that I had been so wrong. There is so much more in life. There are so many things to learn, so many things to improve. I decided to live behind those shadows of skepticism and face the world with a renewed heart.

I have put together a list that I wanted to improve and do in my lifetime. This post may seem boring to some but I think this is my first real post that tackles my blogs' goals: To keep track of the changes in my life."

  • Learn to play the Piano
  • improve my poem's creativity
  • develop my drawing skills
  • learn to play the flute
  • learn to play the guitar
  • enhance photography
  • enhance my magic tricks
  • enhance photo-editing skills
  • improve shorthand penmanship
  • improve longhand penmanship
  • learn to paint in Microsoft Paint
  • develop cooking skills

  • Long distance ride through the country side on a mountain bike
  • hike on a cold mountain trail
  • write a whole book of essays, stories and poems
  • complete a computer program
  • create a monthly animation
  • study Greek mythology
  • take a dive from a rock

  • have at least two college degrees
  • have a part time programming job
  • have a full time work

  • develop my body muscles
  • set a daily routine
  • improve memory skills
  • improve studying habits
  • develop good sleeping habits
  • never be late on my schedule again

  • revive old social connections
  • maintain social connections
  • develop a more approachable attitude
  • practice being more social
  • be more lively at conversations
  • always aim for perfection
This list seem very long but I think that list is still lacking. Anyway, any advice on how to achieve them will be gladly accepted.

Monday, July 13, 2009



Beauty, what is beauty?
Is it a girl filled with pity?
Is it a lady in sorrow,
that on her cheeks, tears flow?

Should she be fair,
that everyone just stares.
Fair, what is fair?
Is it simply white, or a face that's rare?

Is beauty a field of flowers?
or the sound of rain showers?
Is she a young girl or mother nature?
Is beauty born with or grown and nurtured?

But what I do know,
is that your beauty will certainly show,
through life's hardships and tests,
when you undergo your own quest.

This is in response to prompts from Simply Snickers.

Monday, July 6, 2009

My Dream

My Dream

I went through a hard test,
crossing a lush forest,
parrying teeth of beasts,
and dodging sting of bees.

From the main road I strayed,
I forged my very own way,
then I found an unending line,
that led me to your very mind.

But the wounds I had will heal,
when your soft skin i can feel,
when you soft smile shines,
and when your heart is mine.

Oh, I will look for you,
so my dreams can come true,
that I'll be with you forever,
and pains I'll no longer remember.

This is in response to Simply Snickers and Weekend Wordsmith prompts, and hopefully I'll be online to post it on meme express this saturday.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Acrostic Only - Prompts for June 27th

This is my first attempt on acrostics. So I would appreciate criticisms and comments. Thanks.

Prompt # 1 DANCING
Actions and
Never ending
New moves, now

Prompt # 2 JAM
Joy swelling,
Aching for
Magical motions.

Prompt # 3 THRILLER
Haunting the
Lounging and
Lumbering in an

On and
The law.
Hungering for
Crime, they
Inside for
Numb and

Prompt # 5 OFF THE WALL

Prompt # 6 CRY
Calling, and
Reaching out for

Prompt # 7 Michael Jackson

Prompt # 8 Earth Song
Roared and

Our earth
Now before its

Prompt # 9 She's out of my life
Empty but

Over you, yet
Under emotional

Our hearts

Mine and

Love seemed
Impregnable, yet it

I will finish the other acrostics later. :) This is in response to acrostic prompts from Acrostic Only.