Monday, June 15, 2009

Calvin & Hobbes - 1 Television Learning

I've decided to post Calvin and Hobbes Comics each week. I will be posting the one's I've liked and the one's that have some meaning in my life.

I don't know if William B. "Bill" Watterson II really intended Calvin and Hobbes to have such deep meanings about life. After all, Calvin and Hobbes' characters are six year olds, and probably the target market is younger people.

Well, here is my first Calvin and Hobbes comics. It was published on December 09, 1985.
Reflecting on the comic, it is just surprising how powerful of an influence television is to small children nowadays. Commercial televisions' norms for daily dramas include near sexual content, bordering PG-13s going towards Rated-18s.

And what is more disturbing, this comics is published in the late 1985s. How more it would be in our liberalized times. Well, I am not saying that I not a part of the teenagers who drive this culture but to imagine that 6 year olds watching some or most of these shows are a little bit disturbing.

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