Wednesday, July 29, 2009


For months, maybe even years now, I've been living a carefree life. I've lived denying the truths and facts that are right before my eyes. I've been living a life without a goal, a life without meaning. I have always thought that this is where life stops and I have known everything I needed to know.

But to think that I had been so wrong. There is so much more in life. There are so many things to learn, so many things to improve. I decided to live behind those shadows of skepticism and face the world with a renewed heart.

I have put together a list that I wanted to improve and do in my lifetime. This post may seem boring to some but I think this is my first real post that tackles my blogs' goals: To keep track of the changes in my life."

  • Learn to play the Piano
  • improve my poem's creativity
  • develop my drawing skills
  • learn to play the flute
  • learn to play the guitar
  • enhance photography
  • enhance my magic tricks
  • enhance photo-editing skills
  • improve shorthand penmanship
  • improve longhand penmanship
  • learn to paint in Microsoft Paint
  • develop cooking skills

  • Long distance ride through the country side on a mountain bike
  • hike on a cold mountain trail
  • write a whole book of essays, stories and poems
  • complete a computer program
  • create a monthly animation
  • study Greek mythology
  • take a dive from a rock

  • have at least two college degrees
  • have a part time programming job
  • have a full time work

  • develop my body muscles
  • set a daily routine
  • improve memory skills
  • improve studying habits
  • develop good sleeping habits
  • never be late on my schedule again

  • revive old social connections
  • maintain social connections
  • develop a more approachable attitude
  • practice being more social
  • be more lively at conversations
  • always aim for perfection
This list seem very long but I think that list is still lacking. Anyway, any advice on how to achieve them will be gladly accepted.

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