Monday, June 29, 2009



Pain, why are you inside me?
From you, why can't I flee?
My blind heart, you're crushing to dust.
With the wind, you make it rust.

Tears within me won't come out.
Pain and love, both bold and in doubt.
Heavy heart pulls me to the depths.
I can't cry but my heart wept.

For more, I had longed for.
But love, what do you have in store?
More pain, to drown me with tears?
Or joy, so my soul can cheer?

I'm beside you, yet so far away.
I'm lost, searching for your heart astray.
Your mind, clouded and fogged,
unsure, whether I'm loved or I'm a rag.

My love, make up your heart,
before dark's feast starts,
before I am totally lost and gone,
and before my own love's undone.

I'll wait another ten days,
while I hold on with your ways.
But after that very day,
I can no longer stay.

I know when you leave, I'll cry.
But I'll be strong, I will try.
And I know it will hurt me more,
if you stay, but you are outside my door.

Don't leave me hanging,
For more, I am aching.
But until you are sure,
I'll wait for another cure.
This poem was not originally meant for this prompt. I made this poem before I went to sleep last night. I was just so sad and hurt that I have to write something about it. But coincidentally, the prompt words on Simply Snickers and Meme Express matched the words I used on my poem.

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  1. Nice work.

    Just added you to the blogrolls - at Meme Express and Simply Snickers.

    Hope you will return often!