Monday, October 12, 2009

Devil's Guilt

Devil's Guilt

I am feeling guilty,
for questions so nutty.
I ask for the impossible,
causing unnecessary troubles.

Your consciousness sprained,
heart crushed in pain,
I am nothing but selfish,
a devil's personification in flesh.

This may be my shortest poem ever. I just wanted to express my thoughts right now.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Strange Eulogy

A Strange Eulogy

He was a fine friend,
some of my troubles he mend.
He is my night's companion,
both as bother and minion.

Now he is gone,
I realize what he has done.
He wanted attention,
so he chose death's detention.

I had never realized,
that you were such a prize,
until you won't breath,
until I can't feel your heat.

It may seem strange,
to make a eulogy's page,
for a thing to top,
and most of all, a laptop.

It has been days, weeks perhaps or even months since my last post. What made me post again, was strangely the death of my beloved laptop. lol..

He has served me as a bother and minion for over two years. And finally, with his one year hardware warranty passed, he finally passed on. We can replace his system board but that is too much costly and costs as much as a brand new laptop so I think if ever I would have the money, I would opt for a brand new money.

Well, I just wanted to share a strange eulogy I thought of. And by the way, this is my way of looking positively at things that are completely negative. :p
Hope you like it.