Monday, November 23, 2009

Days In My Darkness

Days In My Darkness

It was as if just yesterday,
When in the darkness I dwelled.
When chaos upturned each day,
And when emptiness drowns me.

It was yesterday's dawn,
When I wished for death,
When I loathed my own life,
When I hated each moment.

Yet it was also yesterday,
When an unexpected light came my way
When darkness was left in the shadows,
When my fears were cast away.

It was just last night
When instead of darkness, the moon came,
When the fire swept away the cold,
And when passion washed away the hatred.

It was in the still of the night,
When silence drowned each breath,
When the stars beamed upon us,
When I wished I'd never wake up alone again.

Yet today, it seems that
I live in another darkness,
An empty chasm of nothingness,
A void where I can't see tomorrow.



Walking down this road of damnation,
Trying to trudge the street of redemption.
It was fourteen days since I touched your silky skin,
I'm so lonely you within that I could just scream.

This isn't a poem of sweet wine,
Simply my feelings expressed in rhymes.
This isn't to please anybody,
But to express the sadness residing in me.

I'd rather hear your soft whisper or angry screams even,
Than be shut in this jail of my silent world forever.
See my red eyes from sleepless nights,
But don't dare look at those showy tears I try to fight.

If only I can read your mind,
Or if only I can feel your emotions inside,
Then I can know what makes you really smile.
Please tell me, at least try.



I'm a dreamer without a dream. I don't try to talk with the moon, nor do I live in a world of my ideals. I am the dreamer that envisions the reality. Call me crazy, but all I want do is pour my heart out, even if it leaves me al exposed and vulnerable. You don't have to trust what I say, I've lied through life so many times. All I am asking is you try to read my hearts contents and judge me if I am worthy to your trust and your open heart.

Loving you isn't that easy. I pretend that I don't care for you, but when I feel your touch, all those pretentious tendencies melt away. This isn't an excuse, but there are persons will try to stop me from loving you. That is why I hide under a painful veil of secrecy. But I will do anything to be beside you. This is my mission impossible.

I am a great believer of destiny. I believe in the romantic reason of being predestined. Each and every step I took and will take will definitely lead me in front of you. And each stone I stumble upon are simple fire in the forge of my determination.