Monday, November 23, 2009



Walking down this road of damnation,
Trying to trudge the street of redemption.
It was fourteen days since I touched your silky skin,
I'm so lonely you within that I could just scream.

This isn't a poem of sweet wine,
Simply my feelings expressed in rhymes.
This isn't to please anybody,
But to express the sadness residing in me.

I'd rather hear your soft whisper or angry screams even,
Than be shut in this jail of my silent world forever.
See my red eyes from sleepless nights,
But don't dare look at those showy tears I try to fight.

If only I can read your mind,
Or if only I can feel your emotions inside,
Then I can know what makes you really smile.
Please tell me, at least try.

1 comment:

  1. This is deep. You must really love that person. I can feel your pain. This has happened to me also in the past. This will never change unless you find someone else to fill that void.