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Philippine EDSA 2 - Looking back into history

I've never been in a protest before. Nor have I ever thought of joining one in the near future. Up to this point, you may not understand why then I am writing a post about EDSA2. But let me explain the reason on my post.

I was reading a post in Weekend Wordsmith and their prompt is Protests. Ideas struck my head. I have had been long wondering a lot of things about protests. There had been many stereotypes I am hearing about protests. To explain a bit further, let me explain my background.

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I live in the Philippines. Though it pains to admit it, people are holding protest rallies every now and then. Two of the biggest protest rallies of our country was nicknamed EDSA and EDSA II after the place the protest was held on.

Both EDSA1 and EDSA2 is a major turning points in our history. After all, both these two EDSA Protests forced two presidents to step down from their positions, hence also gaining the names People Power 1 and 2.

And now, people are again voicing their protests against the current president, Pres. Gloria Macapagal Arroya, the very same president they have put into position when they ousted ex-President Erap Estrada on People Power 2. So the question is, did they suceed or did they fail in EDSA2?

Sometimes, people are mislead by certain ideals that cause them to rise up and voice their thoughts in protests
, often leading to rash actions. They have removed a supposedly corrupt president and put on a new president, which now they believe to be more corrupt.

Are the protests, the blood they shed, the tears they cried and the sweat they poured worth the results they got? Hardly. Sometimes, the masses choose poorly. But we cannot blame them for expressing their ideals, after all we all have the freedom of speach.

Ponder over history, and you will see what is worth what and which can be called a success and a failure.

This is in response to the prompt of weekend wordsmith on june 14.
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