Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Again, I don't know what is in her mind. She teases me then leaves me alone. She says something sweet and the next second she doesn't say anything at all. She always leaves me hanging.

I call her my baby, yet I feel like I am not treating her that way. I had been careless. A baby's laugh is heaven yet a baby's cry is hell and we've both seen hell so many times. Even this distance between us is a fiery hell.

I can't ask more from her. I have already taken away many parts of her life. She could have been happier without me, that is what I believe. But I am selfish and I don't want her to leave my side.

I've been asking her to cross that hell just to be my side. Hopefully, she won't get too tired and decide not to be my side anymore.

But I am guessing this selfishness cannot go on forever. I have to accept the fact that one day, sooner or later, she would leave me. She has already accepted that fact, though I don't know how far ahead was she thinking.

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  1. It the unknown that confuses us, so just enjoy the now, the time you have with her right now, that's the most important thing. After all, tomorrow is not promised.