Monday, July 13, 2009



Beauty, what is beauty?
Is it a girl filled with pity?
Is it a lady in sorrow,
that on her cheeks, tears flow?

Should she be fair,
that everyone just stares.
Fair, what is fair?
Is it simply white, or a face that's rare?

Is beauty a field of flowers?
or the sound of rain showers?
Is she a young girl or mother nature?
Is beauty born with or grown and nurtured?

But what I do know,
is that your beauty will certainly show,
through life's hardships and tests,
when you undergo your own quest.

This is in response to prompts from Simply Snickers.


  1. What a great poem! Thanks for sharing it.

  2. Great post, glad I found it on BPOTW.

  3. nice lines i liked it..

    hey i am new to this blogging world....if u have time pls visit and comment

  4. Everyone, thanks for the comments. I never really thought anyone would like my poem. :)