Monday, June 15, 2009

Path to Insanity

Path to Insanity
-jethro08 a.k.a. Theo Jr

With tears, i try to find,
the roads of laughter in mind.
Each path i take,
my heart always breaks.

Each course I will climb!
But with aching foot and limb,
I will but retire with regret.
In the end, is this all I get?

I have tried words.
I even painted birds.
Every craft i tried.
But I guess my brain is just fried.

But who else to blame,
for i am going insane.
And in front of each stone,
I bow like its a throne

This is in response to Simply Snickers' Poetry Prompt posted on june 14, 2009.
It had been months since I tried writing a poem and it made me wonder that I still have some skill left, although a bit rugged now. Hope you like my poem as it is my first try on a new mood for my poems. Before all my poems are dark, lonely and full of sadness.

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