Saturday, August 1, 2009

My First Local Newspaper "Article"

I wrote the following letter to a local newspaper, Sunstar, in our area. I never thought that they would publish it as an article, as my purpose was just to call their attention. But just a day after I wrote the letter, on August 1, 2009, Sunstar published my letter in the column "Speak out".

The following is the exact words on the article:

AMA First Before SLU
GOOD day to Sunstar. I have just read the editorial/opinion on the issue of Friday, July 31 2009 about the Virtual Classroom of SLU. I reacted to the issue because of the claim it is the first in Cordillera Region. If you are aware, AMA Computer Colleges are offering subjects under eLearning long before.
And I am much aware that AMA CC Baguio Branch had been established as early as 2007, the year I enrolled here.
Thanks you very much and I would recommend that you check your facts before publishing them.