Monday, June 22, 2009

Meme's are Flooded

Well, on my last hour, I was thinking of posting some poetry and participate in meme express' daily prompt and Simply Snicker's Poetry Prompt. Unfortunately for them and me, the prompter is flooded and the prompt will be released on Wednesday. So, with no prompt to work with, I think I will just create a poem for this situation.

here i sit,
looking for some wit
to create a comforting word
but without inspiration, that I can't afford.

I am but sad
for the flood so bad.
they pulled down my prompter
whom i expect memes daily forever

though I've got no news
I hope the flood calls it a truce
so next wednesday, i can post again
that i can write again without a pen.

until next time
i post my thoughts of dime
though this is for the bored
this is meant for the blogspot's lords.

1 comment:

  1. That's awesome.

    Clearly, you have made the most of the situation in a delightful creative way.

    Thanks for the encouragement as well!

    Meme Express
    Simply Snickers
    Nickers and Ink